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GUYANA PUBLIC SERVICE UNIONMessage from the President, Mr. Patrick YardeMay Day 2015 is a time for serious reflection, reassessment of the performance of the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) and to ultimately chart a course forward for at least the next decade. This is necessary because the past three decades have seen serious challenges for Union membership, who over that time period encountered enormous challenges, which threatened the Union’s survival, constantly undermined its ability and effectiveness to provide representation to members and/or provide other quality of support through benefits that were normally or customarily enjoyed.Added to this situation, the politicization of the Public Service Commission, the effects of a non-functioning Public Service Appellate Tribunal and consequential fallouts,Brett Favre Vikings Jersey, such as, unjustifiable supercessions, unjustifiable denial of promotions, unjustifiable non-payment of increments, unlawful imposition of salaries, compromising of security of tenure, erosion of formal employment and benefits, denial of natural justice and due process, unfair treatment, blatant discrimination and victimization, along with other unwarranted and vicious abuses, were unnecessary and undesirable challenges to workers.These situations ultimately proved to be distractions centered on eradicating the undesirable obstacles, instead of continued objectively applied thoughts and energies towards desired goals that would be fulfilling and beneficial to all, including cementing relationships that would guarantee togetherness in the future.Notwithstanding the glaring and deliberate anti-working class environment, Public Servants prevailed in a matured and patriotic manner, professionally providing quality public services in the peoples’ interest and ultimately pursuing national development to the best of their ability. This included the delivery of health care,Montravius Adams Jersey, education,Marc-Andre Fleury Adidas Jersey, agricultural development,Authentic Brook Lopez Nets Jersey, infrastructural development, aviation, security, revenue collection, environmental protection, beneficial use of natural resources, housing development, the provision of pure water supplies and adequate electrification, among other services.All this was done while being constrained by incompetent, corrupt and insensitive elements, who were strategically placed to obstruct the legitimate and conscientious efforts of the public service workforce, consistently denying workers their rights, which were associated with sound and established principles in full recognition of human rights,Max Tuerk Chargers Jersey, justice and fair play.The absence of good governance, credible institutions and a civil society willing to stand up and assert itself, national unity remained fragmented and countrywide harmony seemed a very distant myth. In fact, everything was achieved under an aura of disappointment and fragmentation, as well as, undue distractions and distortions that decent and law abiding people should not have had to consider.When considering the foregoing I proudly salute the traditional public service workforce for their forbearance and commitment fully conscious of the great personal sacrifice being experienced, particularly our women faced with ongoing outrageous experiences and young workers challenged with demoralizing employment opportunities and an unsure future.Following May Day 2015, on the eagerly anticipated 11 May 2015, all of Guyana will have another opportunity to determine its choice of Governance at the National and Regional Elections. On this occasion, I would wish that there is the fullest participation of the Guyanese electorate in a peaceful and law-abiding manner, consciously contributing to credible, free and fair elections, with such legitimacy that it would have a resounding acceptance by all. These elections should commence and culminate with trust and thereafter there should be a process for the creation of harmony, credible institutions, good governance, comfort, security and prevailing will and spirit of the people to look to the future with expectations and confidence that their dreams of peace, comfort and happiness would be fulfilled and in the best interest of the nation.The GPSU, with this expectation in mind, has consciously pursued being a domestic observer in this process and has chosen to make this sacrifice, even with its limited and scarce financial resources, to assist in the validation and credibility of the processes of this most invaluable national event, in the interest of the people of Guyana.The involvement also considered the perseverance and protection of the legacy of the forefathers of the Union, whose struggles were in the interest of the enhancement of workers’ rights and quality provisions for the protection and welfare of their families, which ultimately encapsulates the goals and objectives of the GPSU, which is to protect, preserve and in that process improve, appropriately.It is therefore in this spirit and with this expectation that I extend Labour Day greetings to all members of the Guyana Public Service Union, all workers of Guyana, the Caribbean and worldwide. Let us together pledge and proceed to take action in the interest of and for the betterment of all mankind.…………….FITUGEven as we are seeing heightened activities in the homestretch leg of the elections campaign, the Day most of the world sets aside to recognise and to celebrate as workers Day is at hand.In Guyana the observance of Labour Day goes back to colonial days. Our early labour leaders understood and promoted the observance of Labour Day and all that it meant and symbolized for the country’s working-class. Veteran Labour Advocate Senior Counsel Ashton Chase recalls that the BG Labour Union and its indomitable leader H.N. Critchlow ushered in May Day celebrations around 1930. There were parades and rallies from the Bourda Green to the Parade Ground. He noted that the colony’s merchants and upper-echelons seemed to regard the annual workers celebration rituals as a distraction.The Trades Union Council (TUC), after 1944, clamoured to take over the celebration from the Labour Union and eventually succeeded by the mid-fifties. Thus in February, 1958, the Legislative Council approved an amendment to a Motion by Mr Rupert Tello that Labour Day be declared a national public holiday.Today, 57 years on, FITUG, the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG), the largest organized representative grouping of the nation’s workers, is pleased to continue in that tradition of observing this International Workers Day.As we celebrate May Day 2015, FITUG recognizes the need for increased efforts to protect workers’ rights and gains; for improved FITUG-TUC collaboration where our members interests coincide; for wage increases to be always above inflation rates; for a review of the tax regime to make it fair and less burdensome for workers; for the NIS to settle valid claims speedily; for increases in the NIS, National Old Age pensions and Public Assistance. While these goals are not exhaustive we must also recognize the accomplishments beneficial to workers in recent years and upon which we seek to build.FITUG acknowledges too that worker-friendly legislation will be necessary to move forward as well as the support from employers of both Private Sector and Public Service.This May Day finds our nation in the throes of vigorous campaigning for the National and Regional elections scheduled for May 11. FITUG advises its thousands of members to reflect seriously before making their choice of one political party or the other. The party’s track record in promoting workers’ interests and commitment to our country’s development could guide us in making that choice in the upcoming elections which we expect to be free, fair, transparent and peaceful.Our future of continuing stability and progress is once again in our hands. Comrade workers, we urge you to choose well on May 11.FITUG takes this opportunity to express warm May Day greetings to all Guyanese. In the challenges ahead nationally and on international issues also, let us not forget the value of unity in our efforts to score greater achievements.Considerations must include the track record of any group with respect to genuine respect to workers concerns even within budgetary limitations when they were in office. Which group now offers credible, realistic policies they are likely to keep, in terms of labour policy and wages and working conditions, inclusive of worker education? Can you afford to take a change with the untested against the tried and tested?FITUG knows that these are crucial long-term decisions. May the first of May inform your wisdom.Happy Labour Day…………….PEOPLE’S PROGRESSIVE PARTYThe People’s Progressive Party (PPP) salutes the workers of Guyana on the occasion of International Workers Day or what is commonly referred to as Labour Day which is observed on May 1.This is a good time to reflect on how far we have advanced in Guyana, especially in terms of gains made by the PPP/C administration both at the legislative level and in terms of the implementation of programmes and policies to protect workers against exploitation, unfair wages and to bring about improvements to their living and working conditions.The PPP is proud of its record as a pro-labour party which has over the decades defended the rights of workers not only in Guyana, but throughout the world. It was the PPP which enacted the Trade Union Recognition Bill and the National Minimum Wages Bill, both of which are landmark pieces of legislation to protect the rights of workers.Regrettably, in Guyana today the labour movement is fragmented by opportunistic elements who, under the guise of representing the cause of workers, are aligning themselves with the very forces that were responsible for the pauperization of the working class during the period of PNC dictatorial and anti-working class rule.At the global level, despite advances in science and technology and the consequential increases in labour productivity the gap in living standards between the rich and the poor continues to widen. This is particularly evident in some of the more advanced capitalist countries, including the United States and Western Europe.Millions of workers are finding it difficult to make ends meet, not to mention the millions more who cannot find work and who are unemployed and forced to live on handouts.The PPP takes this opportunity to call on the workers of Guyana to be on guard against those who would make all manner of unrealistic promises,Javier Mascherano Barcelona Jersey, especially at this time when Guyanese will go to the polls on May 11 to elect a government of their choice.The PPP wishes to re-affirm its commitment to a strong, stable and secure Guyana, one in which the working people would be the major beneficiary in the economic and social gains made by the collective efforts of the Guyanese  people.