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標題: Jimmy Butler Bulls Swingman Jersey putting the blame on his brother.However [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1ryI    時間: 2017-8-17 19:18     標題: Jimmy Butler Bulls Swingman Jersey putting the blame on his brother.However

-left to walk home with bloody clothesA seven- year old Primary School girl who made the mistake of going with a stranger,San Diego Padres Erick Aybar Jersey, who claimed that her mother had sent him to pick her up, is at present undergoing therapy for a brutal sexual violation.The girl who hails from the West Coast of Demerara was allegedly raped on Wednesday afternoon by the Anna Catherina man who has since been arrested by the police.The child has been treated twice at the West Demerara Hospital.Reports reaching this newspaper stated that on Wednesday after school had been dismissed, the girl was waiting for her cousin to pick her up from school as is customary.But it was this stranger who rode up on a white bicycle and told her that her mother had sent him to collect her and take her home.Instead of taking her home though, the man reportedly took the child to the seawall where he raped her.After committing the act,Ryan Vogelsong Jersey, he allegedly sent the child down to a nearby trench to wash off the blood on her skin and clothes.He then rode away,Andre Schurrle Jersey, leaving the battered child to make her way home by herself.Kaieteur News understands that when she arrived at home,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, her mother noticed the blood and questioned the obviously traumatized child,Antti Raanta Rangers Jersey, who related the harrowing ordeal.The police were immediately contacted and they combed the seawall area where they recovered the child’s underwear.A description of the man was given and angry residents of the community searched for him that very night.It did not take them long to capture the suspect who was spared a beating after police quickly arrived to take him into custody.Kaieteur News understands that the man denied committing the act,Russell Westbrook College Jersey, putting the blame on his brother.However, the child has positively identified him. Other students also said that he was the man who had picked the child up from school on Wednesday.According to a source, the child was medically examined shortly after the incident but had to be rushed back to the hospital yesterday after she collapsed at home.

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