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標題: Darlington Nagbe Jersey religious strands of our society [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1ryI    時間: 2017-8-17 16:45     標題: Darlington Nagbe Jersey religious strands of our society

The Alliance For Change (AFC) has voiced concern over the statement attributed to President Bharrat Jagdeo as reported by the Stabroek News captioned “Executive presidency ok the way it is-Jagdeo” in the July 11 Edition.AFC Treasurer Dominic Gaskin,Adil Rami Jersey, at the party’s weekly media briefing held at its Fourth Street Campbellville headquarters recently, said that it is not surprising that Jagdeo, coining from a political entity with dubious democratic traditions, and believing in the politburo styled “Democratic Centralism,Wholesale China Jerseys,” would become fully inebriated with the enormous powers and unlimited immunities he has enjoyed over his term of presidency.He said that the AFC expects no different attitude and behaviour from PPP Candidate Donald Ramotar. He called on Guyanese everywhere to decide carefully and rationally at the upcoming elections whether they want to stay mired in a dictatorship,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, or they want liberation, freedom and an inclusive democracy.“A vote for the PPP and Ramotar will give us more of Jagdeo.”Adding that the AFC believes that the post of the Executive President is outdated and counter-productive towards fostering harmonious ethnic relations and development, Gaskin said representatives of the two main political parties have held such an office for 12 years, and 18 years respectively, and things have gone from bad to worse over time.“Everyone knows that placing virtual unlimited and unaccountable power in the hands of one person cannot be good for the practice of our democracy. It has been proven here that “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  He noted.He said that the AFC advocates for the separation of the functions of the Head of State (President) who will be “Guardian of the Constitution” from those of our Head of Government (Prime Minister) answerable to the people’s representatives in the National Assembly.Gaskin said that the country needs a non-executive President and a person of integrity who holds the confidence of the vast majority of the citizens.A non-executive President can play the much-needed role of helping to bring together the divided racial,Cheap NFL Jerseys, ethnic,Xavien Howard Dolphins Jersey, religious strands of our society, and ensure that the rule of law and constitutional offices are protected from political influence,Cheap China Jerseys, Gaskin said.

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